WinKawaks™ 1.05 Release Log

* WinKawaks 1.05
     * Various emulation fixes :
          - In the sprite system. Fix for some PGear bugs.
          - In the layer system. Fix for Ring of Destructions backgrounds.
            Fix for a small XvSF attract demo glitch.
          - In the palette system. Fix for flash intros before fight in SFA2,
            and SSF2 attract demo.
          - General fixes in CPS1 driver. All SF2s should run like a charm now :)
     * Added dummy driver for main parents of games that do not have their main
       set emulated (ex, sfa3 for sfz3). Generates better RomCenter DAT.
     * CPS1 games play with Allow Continue ON, Free Play ON and Demo Sounds ON.
       (Does not affect CPS1 games with EEPROM, like Punisher, WoF and Dino)
     * Sound in QSound CPS1 games (that's Warriors of Fate, Punisher and
       Cadillac & Dinosaurs), thanks to MZ80 hack by ElSemi.
     * Started work on "regular" CPS1 sound. CPS1 games now have their Z80
       running (preliminary mapper). (No sound output yet, however)
     * Upgraded to Genital68k 0.40. Fixes DDSOM's continue countdown.
     * New drivers :
         Armoured Warriors (US 941024)
         Street Fighter Zero - CPS Changer (Japan 951020)
         Tenchi wo Kurau (Japan) (Dynasty Wars Japan, CPS1)
     * Sorted game list a tad :)
     * Sprites Table module works with CPS1 too, now.
     * Full support for CPS1's BgHi. This fixes all priority errors in CPS1
       games :)
     * Those without a sound card should be able to use Kawaks now (if NoSound
       is set to 1 in INI, no DirectSound initialisation occurs)
     * Hopefully fixed bugs with S3/S4 video cards, and others that don't use
       a standard video pitch. Untested, since my own video cards act 'normally'
       If you still have problems, please report with:
          - If possible, a screenshot of the problem
          - Info about your desktop resolution and color depth
          - Info about your video card model
          - Info about what renderer caused the problem (Double mode ? Non double mode ?
          - Scanlines 50% activated ? Was it a vertical or horizontal game ?)
       If your problem is fixed in this version, I'd like to hear about it too.
     * Joypad supported in Redefine keys dialog box.