WinKawaks™ 1.06 Release Log

* WinKawaks 1.06
     * Fix for Mercs' backgrounds.
     * Added Forgotten Worlds (USA)
     * Added Lost Worlds (Japan)
     * Strider starts, now. Still will freeze after title screen, of after you
       try starting a new game. Odd, that game used to work in old versions...
     * Pixel format autodetection. No need to mess with INI anymore.
     * Kawaks will now refuse to run if you are not using a 16bits or 32bits desktop
       palette, since those are the only one supported at the moment.
     * Kawaks will now refuse to switch to fullscreen if the video mode specified in
       the ini is to small for the game screen to fit.
     * Fixed another S3/S4, which affected Double mode, with no 50% scanlines.
       I expect diplay to be correct for everyone now.
     * New autoframeskip code. Should perform a lot better on slower machines
     * CPS1 sound ! Yup, that's right. But YM2151 (that's music) requires
       a good CPU.
     * Options to enable/disable OKIM6295 and/or YM2151
     * Changed many things in the menus. "Emulation" menu was getting too crowded.
     * Added a 4th rompath (requested by someone. Don't ask a 5th one however)
     * Changed the way the "This is a cps2 only feature" message is displayed
       when you try to save/load state with a CPS1 game:
       If you are playing, the message will appear in the game area instead of
       poping up that annoying message box
     * Enter/Enter Sound glitch should be VERY rare now.
       If you have a very slow PC and still experience choppyness, I included
       a setting to control the sound buffer size in the INI. You may want
       to fiddle with it. Slower PCs may have luck increasing it.