WinKawaks™ 1.10 Release Log

* WinKawaks 1.10
     * Sound for Punisher, Cadillac & Dinosaurs, Warriors of fate works again
       (broken in 1.09)
     * Added BackgroundRed, BackgroundGreen, BackgroundBlue options in the INI.
       Those control the background color (default, black: 0 0 0)
       Added Pink and Black setting in the menu.
     * Added option to disable individual sprite layers for CPS2 games.
     * Added Hotrod autoconfiguration in Game menu.
     * Added option to disable all keyboard shortcuts while playing (handy for Hotrod users)
     * When menu is hidden after pressing TAB (windowed mode), pressing Alt won't pause the
       game anymore (yet another handy thing for Hotrod users).
     * Unassigned keys 0 to 9, so now, you can redefine your Insert Coins and Start keys
       to them without having it switching save slot.
     * New Next save slot (F6) and Preceding save slot (F8) to compensate preceding
     * Modified 68000 core, which allows new VRAM code. Fixes many issues introduced in
       version 1.08, fixes additionnal gfx glitches and gives a speed boost.
     * Added sprite priorities and masking.
       Corrects SFA2 select char screen, SFA3 intro, VSav's intro, a Cyberbots level, etc...
       Since it is a slight performance hit, I also added an option to disable it.
     * Suppressed the "Show only available sets" option, since it caused so many problems.
       I'll re-add it someday, when I'm sure it's 100% working...
     * Fixed the overclock functionnality (broken in 1.09)
     * New drivers :
         - Capcom Sports Club (Japan 970722)
         - Capcom Sports Club (Asia 970722)
         - Capcom World 2 (Japan) (CPS1)
         - Super Street Fighter 2: The Tournament Battle (ETC 931119)
     * Updated the FAQ