WinKawaks™ 1.13 Release Log

* WinKawaks 1.13
     * New frameskip code. Should perform a LOT better for slower computers.
     * Added Nebula cheat support. 100% compatible :)
     * Added features to search for new cheats.
     * Replaced 2xSai and SuperEagle blitters by ASM counterparts, which require
       MMX but are over twice as fast.
     * Modified ADPCM so it's mono (the way it should be) and a bit softer
       to avoid static.
     * Added new options for correct windowed aspect ratio and full screen
       aspect ratio.
       Note that using the "smaller display" setting for your full screen
       ratio will allow you to use 640x480 :). Read the INI for more info.
     * Added option to save current key settings to defaultkeys.ini
     * Suppressed the NoSound flag. Since 1.11, sound IS required for
       Kawaks to run.
     * Added driver for Pang! 3 (Euro). Has lousy sound, however...
     * Better sound for Final Fight and Strider
     * Fixed Carrier Air Wing palette
     * Fixed a sprite clipping issue in CPS1 games.
     * Fixed HotRod Player 2 keys.
     * Fixed Capcom Sports Club button 3


       Since I was at it, I also enhanced the DAT format in the following
       way: You can now autoenable some cheats. For example :

             Name=Infinite health P1

       Say you always want Infinite health enabled. Just put a Default=1 :

             Name=Infinite health P1

     The 1 in Default=1 refers to 1=Yes,FF8450,90
     Adding Default entries should break nothing, your DAT should still
     work in Nebula. You don't have to add Default entries everywhere,
     they are optional. Use them just to autoenable some cheats
     Simple and convenient isn't it :)